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To support our vision and mission, here are the AWCC Membership criteria that we require you to adhere to:

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  1. You respect and honor the AWCC vision, mission, values, and members.

  2. You self-identify as an Asian woman coach*.​

  3. You are credentialed in coaching or working towards a credential. 

  4. You are active in your coaching practice, i.e. you are currently coaching clients, and your coaching practice is aligned with ICF Core Competencies and ICF Ethical Guidelines.

  5. You have interest in coaching Asian women clients and may be exclusive to coaching Asian women clients.

  6. If you choose to be in a Catalyst Circle, you join, stay, and participate in your Catalyst Circle and attend as many monthly bonding meetings as you can.

  7. You support AWCC with your time and energy (e.g. share resources with AWCC members via the community forum, or provide workshops for AWCC members).

  8. You will have your name, photo, and LinkedIn URL listed as part of the AWCC directory unless otherwise requested.

  9. You pay an annual membership fee of $96 to support the costs associated with running AWCC.

* We use ICF’s definition of a coach: “ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential” (source). A coach is different from a licensed therapist, consultant, and mentor. 

We reserve the right to update the AWCC Membership criteria in order to adapt and thrive.

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