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Catalyst Circles

AWCC Catalyst Circles symbol

 As individual coaches, we have developed our own frameworks, toolkits, and styles to guide our clients in the discovery of their identity and purpose. We have developed our own spheres of influence.

When we grow in our capacity as coaches, we may find ourselves partnering with one or two other coaches to start scaling our impact.  We have gained another point of reference for our ideas and expansion of our networks.

AWCC Catalyst Circles coming together
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Catalyst Circles consist of 6-10 AWCC Members virtually meeting monthly from January to December to share, learn from, support and inspire one another personally and professionally. By coming together in Catalyst Circles, we not only become greater than the sum of our parts, we also become transformed. As our logo, the Magnolia, implies, together we resemble strength, perseverance, gentleness, and inner and outward beauty - adapting and thriving throughout the seasons.    

Catalyst Circles Timeline

  • Due October 31: For new members, please apply to join next year's Catalyst Circles through the AWCC Membership application form below. For existing members, please see our newsletter for the link to apply to join next year's Catalyst Circle.

  • November: We announce who is in which circle and who are each circle's co-facilitators. We provide Catalyst Circles facilitator training.

  • January to December: Each circle virtually meets monthly.

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