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About Jennifer

Jen’s life purpose is to experience life, to grow to love herself unconditionally, and to empower people to co-create their lives from love. She discovered this in 2016 after a wake-up call. Since then, she has been on a learning journey to live her life purpose, where she reinvented herself as a coach, teacher, and energy balancing practitioner in health, career, and relationships. Jen is a certified coach (PCC, CPCC, CPQC) with 1000+ hr of coaching experience. She loves empowering people to discover who they truly are and to reach their full potential. Jen has also taught 6,500+ people the skills and tools for executing effectively and sustainably as a team in the tech industry, in order to introduce common terminology and tools for organizations to raise their baseline of collective success. She is a certified Clinical Practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM-CLP) with 400+ hr of experiences in helping people strengthen their body's energy. She built all this on her past experiences as a software engineer and engineering director at Google.


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