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About peggy

Peggy is the co-founder and CEO of Stack Education, a company focused on reskilling and upskilling underserved regional communities in partnership with regional employers and higher education institutions. Previously, she served as COO at Startup Institute, where she oversaw operations for the sales, marketing, design, and coding programs. Peggy also held leadership positions at the Arthur Rock Center for Entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School, with her most recent role as Interim Director. Her interest in technology and entrepreneurship is longstanding, starting from her days in the transportation industry where she worked in sales, operations, and logistics at NOL Group. Following business school, Peggy worked for C Space (formerly Communispace) and then moved to San Francisco and joined CBS Interactive, where she was responsible for the monetization strategy and business development partnerships of CNET, then the highest-trafficked CBSi site. She also spends her time writing as a contributor to Forbes, focusing on the messy intersection of women’s multifaceted identities, as well as a career coach at Harvard Business School. Peggy has a B.S from Northwestern University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.

As a career coach, Peggy understands how to navigate the transition between industries and the skills and narrative required to make the transition. She also helps people understand how to assess if this is the right time to both found a company and work at a startup.



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