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AWCC Catalyst Circles Concept 


Comparable Models:


Why Catalyst Circles:  AWCC Catalyst Circles were created to be a safe space for Asian women coaches to share, learn from, support and inspire one another both personally and professionally.  


According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a catalyst is “an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.”  Our hope is that the Catalyst Circles will help you accelerate your own path to deeper understanding of self which in turn will enable you to be a more effective coach for your clients.


How Catalyst Circles Work:

Catalyst Circles consist of 6-10 women of different Asian backgrounds and experiences to bring as many perspectives to the conversations.  Meetings are held once or twice a month depending on what the groups decide.  At this time, all meetings are held virtually though the groups may decide to have informal gatherings at a location of their choice.  We will try to form circles with coaches in the same time zone for ease of scheduling.


Suggested topics from past discussions to get the groups started:

  • What does Love look like for you?

  • Finding Your Identity

  • Your Life Story Identity and Path to Leadership

  • How to relate to our parents and talk about Asian/Western Values

  • People Pleasing & Perfectionism

  • How Our Own Implicit Biases Hold Us Back

  • Breaking through the Bamboo Ceiling

  • Networking

  • Self-Care before/after Coaching: Energy Balancing

  • Presentations and coaching demos on: Enneagram, CliftonStrengths, Positive Intelligence



In order to receive the full benefit of the Catalyst Circle, we ask that members make a full 12-month commitment in order to allow time to forge personal bonds and develop trust.  We ask all members to be present, open minded, and actively participate in discussions.


There are no fees to join a Catalyst Circle.


Catalyst Circles Convenings (Optional)

Once a month, Catalyst Circle members will give a presentation for all members on topics that will help broaden your coaching practice.  This may be the introduction of new coaching methodologies or tools.  Catalyst Circles and members can also recommend speakers to AWCC organizers.   The goal of these convenings will be to enhance our coaching practices and provide a broader forum for discussion on recent events or research.


Join a Circle:

Ready to make the commitment to further your own learning about your own identity and as a coach?  Please complete this application form to join.  


The 2022 Catalyst Circles enrollment will begin in September 2021.  Once we have reviewed all the applications, we will notify applicants of their circles by November and select 1-2 facilitators for each group.  In December, we will have an orientation meeting with facilitators to review the meeting guide and to answer any questions.  Catalyst Circles will begin meeting in January 2022.


Please send inquiries to for more information.

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